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PGA Tour could learn from Champions, LPGA

Safety prevails as seniors and women return to competition, but that lesson has not taken hold on the PGA Tour, reader contends

Finally, a week of all three major pro tours playing.

Big kudos to the Champions Tour and LPGA Tour for getting first and second places in my book for social distancing while continuing to do their jobs.

Brett Quigley and his caddie were the only player/caddie team that I saw wearing neck gaiters and properly doing social distancing.

Danielle Kang, who won the LPGA event, did a wonderful job of not hugging and staying away from players when she was so excited for her win.

It would be nice to see the PGA Tour players work a little harder at it.

Congrats, LPGA and Champions Tour, on doing a great job of setting an example. Great commercials, too.

Lisa DePaulo
Austin, Texas
(DePaulo, a former LPGA player, is a member of the LPGA Legends Tour and serves as chief executive officer of Tournament Treasures.)

A little Pepper goes a long way
Can we please get rid of Ian Baker-Finch? His voice is the most annoying pitch to me. He rarely offers anything that the viewer does not already know, and he does not know when to shut up (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 3).

Dottie Pepper has become the best of this group, in my opinion. She is succinct and generally speaks only when she has something substantive to offer. I would get rid of Nick Faldo before Jim Nantz. I like the idea of giving Colt Knost or Tim Herron a try. Rich Beem was also good during his Golf Channel tryout when he just relaxed and did not try to mimic Gary McCord. I understand he has been pretty good on the European broadcasts.

Mike McQueen
El Paso, Texas

Another view of the 18th-hole tower
Reader Eric Wentzel has no clue how difficult it is to do the host/18th hole in golf TV (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 3). It would be like someone who is an accountant or the head chef of a restaurant. Would Wentzel say those are easy jobs to replace?

Having done my share of sports broadcasting at live events, I know there are so many moving parts and background things going on, such as a producer's voice in one ear, the director's voice in the other ear and trying to keep up with the action. And one other thing: keeping your thoughts to the pictures being shown.

No, Phil Mickelson would not even stand a chance of replacing Jim Nantz. You may not care for Nantz’s style or whatever, but Mickelson would be such a disaster that you would think he does not know how to read or write.

Nantz makes it look so easy. That probably is why Wentzel thinks Mickelson could pull it off.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

Another vote for Christina Kim
I second the thought of putting Christina Kim into a key role of commentator for PGA Tour and LPGA tournaments (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 3).

She was fun to watch as a player and would be a kick to listen to as an announcer.

Kitty Russell

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