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Shake it up, CBS, and move on

Hiring Graeme McDowell, Colt Knost and Phil Mickelson would be a good start, reader contends, but whatever CBS does, get those announcers out of the tower and put the analysts out on the course

CBS should shake up the whole thing again (“Who should replace Davis Love III at CBS?” July 31).

Dottie Pepper and Mark Immelman are great because they are down on the course, know the players, are empathetic and convey the whole thing to golf fans in ways they understand.

Let’s eliminate the guys in the tower. Get more people down on course. How about Graeme McDowell (I know he has an accent, but he’s very energetic and fun). Put Frank Nobilo down on the course and he would be better. Bring in Colt Knost, who seems to have good rapport with the players. Phil Mickelson would be an excellent replacement for Jim Nantz. He could crack wise with the on-course team and act as provocateur.

The emcee role that Nantz plays came out of the 1950s. Let’s move on.

Eric Wentzel
Hoboken, N.J.

CBS needs a new quarterback in the tower
So, it appears as if what CBS is missing is whom the network just fired: Peter Kostis and Gary McCord (“Who should replace Davis Love III at CBS?” July 31).

With the absence of these two strong personalities, CBS must be aware that Tony Romo’s enthusiasm for golf is the obvious answer to what’s lacking from its golf telecasts. CBS knows because Romo already shares the booth with Jim Nantz during golf’s off-season and has superb understanding and great fun analyzing the game.

That seems to be a matter of contract expirations/renewals and whether Romo wants to sideline his player aspirations, which I suspect he does not. Not yet.

There may be one other issue: soundproofing the tower at 18. Could Romo reduce the fun to a whisper at appropriate times? I’d love to hear it.

The sheer size of his multimillion-dollar CBS contract hinted at a dual role, but no. My bottom line is a vote for Romo, in the tower at 18.

Gary Stauffenberg

Finally, the ‘perfect’ announcer
I heard Christina Kim announcing a few weeks ago on PGA Tour Live and was totally amazed (“Who should replace Davis Love III at CBS?” July 31). Articulate, insightful, without being nervous or over the top.

Some color announcers are milquetoast, and some are chatterboxes; she is, if I am allowed to say, perfect. Give her a listen and I think you will agree.

Glenn Haueisen
Palm Valley, Texas

Pack it in, Nantz
I don't particularly care who gets the next chance, but I would sure like to see Jim Nantz sent packing (“Who should replace Davis Love III at CBS?” July 31).

Jeff Prunty
Winchester, Ill.

A cavity that needs filling
Great article on the replacement for Davis Love III (“Who should replace Davis Love III at CBS?” July 31).

I fully agree that he was like listening to your dentist while drilling your teeth. The guy who was excellent was Phil Parkin, who was on Golf Channel and Sky Sports. That British guy was good and understood the game.

This bunch with Gary Koch has been around too long. Let’s get some new blood. Replace Koch and (respectfully) include Jim Nantz. Both have been around just too long.

John Lakin
Laguna Woods, Calif.

DeChambeau realizes the need for speed
Dan O’Neill wrote some great lines making light of a world-class talent who has the courage to think outside the box and follow his convictions (“A voracious appetite for success,” July 30).

Bryson DeChambeau is a trailblazer kind of guy just getting started in his quest for perfection. All of us in golf are going to benefit from his wisdom and research into the world of the human anatomy as it relates to speed and power. Even at 5 feet 6 inches and 145 pounds, I am a very big DeChambeau fan.

I am happy to say that he started using a product that I developed, the Speed Stik training aid, when he was still in high school. At that time, he already was researching the subject of speed and power. “Speed = distance” and “faster = farther” were the two slogans I used to promote my product. I was ahead of the curve in my thinking, and he was smart enough to utilize my research to move himself to the next level.

I can’t wait to get up every day to see what DeChambeau is up to. Exciting stuff.

Juan Elizondo
Omaha, Neb.
(Elizondo, a PGA of America member, is the founder and president of Speed Stik.)

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