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5 key points relating to PGA Tour’s bombers

Reader points out why distance shouldn’t be the true measure of success on the PGA Tour

There is much interest now about controlling the bombers (“Taking the long view on golf’s power craze,” July 16; “From the Morning Read inbox,” July 17). A few points:

1. Being the longest driver doesn't necessarily equate to the lowest score.

2. Changing the ball or coefficient of restitution, known as COR, still leaves the bomber with the same advantage.

3. The fans want to see feats of golf that are beyond their capability.

4. The only course changes that would “need” to be done are on those courses used by the PGA Tour. Most others would benefit more by being made easier (from forward tees).

5. Rather than lengthening a PGA Tour course, make the rough more penal. Or, just let the fairway grow so they don't get 75-yard runouts. Cut the grass afterwards.

Steve Pearcy
Aiken, S.C.

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