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Film producer gives John Hawkins 2 thumbs up for his view of ‘golf’s apocalypse,’ which might go down easier with a dash of ketchup

Absolutely spot-on article by John Hawkins (“Red alert: Golf’s apocalypse has arrived,” July 9). Well-written, articulate and thoughtful; the line about Augusta bathed in ketchup worked on so many levels.

“Golf as apocalyptic ketchup bathing” could be a nice book, podcast or short-story title.

Hawkins engaged me and lightened the daily grind.

Joe Jenckes
Santa Monica, Calif.
(Jenckes is a film producer and founder of Bow Street Films.)

‘A sad future for tournament golf’
I absolutely agree with John Hawkins’ commentary about the “home-run derby” at the PGA Tour’s Rocket Mortgage Classic (“Red alert: Golf’s apocalypse has arrived,” July 9).

The governing bodies (USGA and the R&A) have failed miserably by their inaction over distance control for tour-level players.

It’s a sad future for tournament golf.

Bill Robischon
Tequesta, Fla.

It’s all in the style
Michael Ruuska’s “GolfThreads” article was a fun read (“What To Wear Next,” The Equipment Insider, July 10).

We really do take in the fashions and styles of each of the golfers (I still don’t understand white pants and the need to wear bigger hats). I thought Brooks Koepka had the coolest hats in last year’s U.S. Open.

… And, yeah, it’s eight years old and I like it, but I could probably use a new shirt.

Steve Crock
St. Louis

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