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Thanks for noticing, Hawkins, but what took so long?

What Bryson DeChambeau is doing to overpower the game is nothing new, and stretching golf courses isn’t the solution

I congratulate John Hawkins on his very, very late understanding of what is ruining professional golf (“Red alert: Golf’s apocalypse has arrived,” July 9).

However, I wonder why in this particular instance Hawkins is so upset. Dustin Johnson and others have been doing the same thing for years. They already have turned professional golf into a pitch-and-putt game, so why is what Bryson DeChambeau doing so different?

Distance should have been dealt with years ago. Quit making golf courses longer; that isn't the answer.

I've just turned 76, and my course already is too long for me. I don't need for it to get longer.

Someone needs to go to bat for a shorter golf ball. Baseball is using the same ball that Ty Cobb played. Why not go back to the balls we had when Jack Nicklaus was in his prime? Fix the courses so they are difficult by design, not by length. Trees and bunkers and doglegs can give the best golfers problems and make watching golf fun again.

What's the argument for longer courses? It just means the monsters like they're growing in basketball and football will be playing against similar monsters, and the little guys will have to find a different sport.

Louis Cherniss
Cha Am, Thailand

Limit distance … for the other guys
I could not agree more with John Hawkins’ commentary about the Detroit tournament and the direction of the PGA Tour in general (“Red alert: Golf’s apocalypse has arrived,” July 9).

About the only televised golf I enjoy any more is the U.S. Open, when I get to watch these really good golfers struggle for par, like I struggle every time I play.

I actually love to watch televised golf, so every Saturday morning I look at the leaderboard and see how many under par the leaders are. If they are destroying the course, I just skip it.

Who wants to watch a bunch of robots use 8-irons to hit it stiff for their second shot on a 460-yard par 4?

I agree that the equipment or the ball needs to be adjusted to limit distance, bring in strategy and preserve some of the great older courses. Not to be hypocritical, however, I must admit that at 75, I enjoy smacking that drive out there 200 yards with my new driver.

Steven Jones
Lone Tree, Colo.

An out-of-bounds shot
“Chicks dig the long ball”? John Hawkins just had to ruin a perfectly good article (“Red alert: Golf’s apocalypse has arrived,” July 9).

He could have written that golf fans dig seeing the long ball, but, no, he just had to add one more funny line. Except it wasn’t funny.

Betsy Larey
St. Augustine, Fla.
(Larey is an LPGA teaching professional.)

Taking the long view on distance debate
Too much noise about Detroit from John Hawkins (“Red alert: Golf’s apocalypse has arrived,” July 9). Didn’t like how Bryson DeChambeau won. Don’t like how far he hits it. Don’t like his interaction with photographer.

I’ve got news for Hawkins. DeChambeau is not going to win every week or every month. Some tracks fit some horses, and some don’t. Let’s let this play out. It could be a fun ride.

Dennis A. Stone
Aurora, Ill.

Morning Read’s breathtaking negativity
After the repeated articles by Alex Miceli and others in Morning Read with the fear-mongering and let's shut down the PGA Tour agenda when a handful of players tested positive for the coronavirus, it really comes as no surprise that when three of those players returned to action last week, it got very little attention and was buried in the “In Other Golf News” section, toward the bottom of the newsletter (“PGA Tour pairs 3 players who test positive for COVID-19,” July 10).

Though a rose-colored-glasses approach to journalism isn't appropriate, neither is spewing negativity or fear, and this publication has strongly taken the latter approach of late, on several topics. A balanced approach, with more facts than opinions, would be refreshing, but I'm not holding my breath.

Andy Jackson
Fort Worth, Texas

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