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Maybe Tiger Woods takes scheduling cues from Alex Miceli

With so many coronavirus warning signals flashed by Miceli, why would Woods want to chance a return to the PGA Tour?

Alex Miceli writes of Tiger Woods, “If he, for some reason, doesn't return in the next two weeks, speculation will soar” and “Woods looked good May 24 . . . which makes his delayed return to the Tour head-scratching.” (“PGA Tour mystery: When will Tiger Woods show up?” July 2).

Perhaps Woods has been reading some of Miceli's recent works. For example, from June 22, “the Watney debacle at Hilton Head indicates there's more trouble to come" and, from June 25, “PGA Tour implores players to ‘do your part’ to counter coronavirus.”

If the situation is so bad out there, why would Miceli want Woods to expose himself to any danger? It seems to me that Woods couldn't possibly do any more to counter the coronavirus than stay put. Furthermore, why would he want to take any chance subjecting himself, his family and his team to the virus?

Woods will return when he deems it safe and appropriate, and to speculate otherwise seems to be rather pointless.

Ed Winsper
Richmond, Va.

Don’t go crazy, readers. It’s only Alex Miceli writing
I love it how some people get all crazy when they read something to which they disagree. That is the case with the article written by Alex Miceli (“Should Masters change its name?” June 29).

People lose their heads before they think things through and go off and waste a lot of energy and time trying to counter the perceived negative. Did any of you once stop and think whether that even would be a remote possibility, that the heads in charge of the Masters would think this would be a good idea? How crazy can you be if you really thought some journalist’s suggestion was going to change the trajectory of history. Give me a break.

All of us, at times, must stand on our soap box and raise our voices because we think what we have to say has to be heard. Kind of like what I'm doing right now.

Did you ever think that the purpose behind the article was to have us stop and think a bit? Obviously some took the bait and had to rant.

Robert Fish
Sun Lakes, Ariz.

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