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Fox’s golf coverage wasn’t all bad, reader notes

Network’s aborted run with U.S. Open gave viewers Paul Azinger and a bit more golf than commercials, unlike CBS' coverage

Listening to Alex Miceli’s “One Take” video regarding Fox, I think that he glosses over the fact that the U.S. Open on Fox ran very few commercials and showed more golfers (“One Take,” June 30).

Fox also was smart enough to hire Paul Azinger. Though Fox’s coverage was far from perfect, compare it with CBS’ coverage of the PGA Tour, which always felt like a show of commercials interrupted by a bit of golf. Then, throw in the terrible commentary of Nick Faldo and Ian Baker-Finch, and CBS’ golf telecasts became a must-view on DVR.

Gary Cohen
Great Neck, N.Y.

Now, this would be a ‘Players’ championship better than most
The definition of “players,” according to the Urban Dictionary: They prey on people socially, usually looking for sex or money.

The Players Championship is a name crying out for change. Every time I hear it, that definition comes to mind. It's downright offensive and makes me need a safe zone (“Should Masters change its name?” June 29).

Maybe it should be The Participants Tournament. At the very least, consideration should be given to the insertion of an apostrophe between the “r” and the “s” in Players. No one could fairly think that each and every contestant is a player, hence eliminating any confusion.

Ken Olshansky
Wellington, Fla.

If that was his goal, Miceli certainly succeeded
I approach most everything with a sense of humor, never taking myself too seriously. So, when I read Alex Miceli's piece on a Masters name change, I thought it funnier than anything I'd read in a very long time (“Should Masters change its name?” June 29).

But, I believe I understood that Miceli just wanted to start a discussion. In that, he succeeded (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 30; July 1).

Bruce Wyrwitzke
Yuma, Ariz.

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