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Alex Miceli and his dancing fingers

Miceli should learn to view the glass as being half full and feel the anxiety just melt away

I feel your pain, Alex Miceli, regarding the PGA Tour’s decision to return to tournament golf and the potential havoc that may be wreaked by COVID-19 (“PGA Tour’s ‘bubble’ bursts with Nick Watney fiasco,” June 22).

However, it hurts me to see such a talented writer experience the angst that Miceli obviously has over this topic. He needs to let it go. He would be amazed at how therapeutic that would be.

I do have one additional thought that might help Miceli. Look at the glass as being half full and not half empty. Do that and I can assure Miceli that he will wake up tomorrow feeling much better, and those creative fingers of his will just dance over the keys.

Bill Boutwell
Jacksonville, Fla.

‘Get real,’ Miceli, and play the percentages
There are 2.2 million confirmed positive coronavirus tests in the United States out of a total population of 330 million. That’s seven-tenths of 1 percent. One PGA Tour player tested positive out of 144 at Hilton Head. That’s seven-tenths of 1 percent (“PGA Tour’s ‘bubble’ bursts with Nick Watney fiasco,” June 22).

And Alex Miceli treats Nick Watney’s positive test as a bad thing for the Tour? Get real.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

The only ‘fiasco’ was with the headline on Miceli’s commentary
The headline on Alex Miceli’s commentary Monday is another over-reaction to what will become a common illness (“PGA Tour’s ‘bubble’ bursts with Nick Watney fiasco,” June 22).

If Nick Watney were to die from the illness, then “fiasco” would be the proper term, but the science indicates that otherwise healthy individuals in his age group might be uncomfortable for a while but almost never come close to death.

The sooner the media stop sensationalizing coronavirus, the sooner everyone can come out of their shells and start living their lives again. It’s time.

David Roberts
Oro Valley, Ariz.

Miceli to readers: I told you so
I see that it took Alex Miceli no time at all to tell us all, I told you so (“PGA Tour’s ‘bubble’ bursts with Nick Watney fiasco,” June 22).

The positive coronavirus test on the PGA Tour was going to happen, though nobody knew exactly when. The law of averages dictates that it would occur, regardless of where the individual was or what he was doing.

I hope Nick Watney recovers rapidly and that this virus doesn't run rampantly through the Tour. I just found it humorous that Miceli had to let everyone know that he called it and wanted to remind the naysayers about who said it first.

Garen Eggleston
The Villages, Fla.

Alex Miceli is not a doctor, but he could play one on TV
When Alex Miceli stated in Monday’s commentary, “I’m not a health professional . . .,” I just knew there was hope he was close to coming to that realization and finally getting back to golf (“PGA Tour’s ‘bubble’ bursts with Nick Watney fiasco,” June 22).

Bruce Wyrwitzke
Yuma, Ariz.

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