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Don’t be so quick to write off Bryson DeChambeau

After adding so much length to his drives, DeChambeau just needs some time to smooth out the short-game issues, reader contends

Regarding reader Bob Geismar’s comments about Bryson DeChambeau (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 18): Of all the people in the universe concerned about DeChambeau’s short game, I am sure that the most concerned is DeChambeau himself.

I would laugh, but it is not funny. Everyone’s comments indicate to me that they believe that all DeChambeau has to do is snap his fingers or wave a magic wand and he will be shooting in the 60s every round. If this were true, he would make much more money selling the “magic solution” than he ever could make as a player. I’ll bet that those criticizing him would purchase it, even if their handicaps are in the 20s.

DeChambeau added 30-40 yards to his drives over a three-month period, so let’s give him at least three months to work on his short game (“Bryson DeChambeau adds brawn to brains, but is it such a smart move?” June 17). I will give him much more time before I write off his chances to win a major championship.

George Shutt
Orlando, Fla.

Some things never change
The biggest takeaway for me at the outset of this shortened PGA Tour season is that I had forgotten just how annoying and anger-producing Golf Channel’s “Playing Through” commercial segment is … even with the sound muted.

Kathleen Daly
Staten Island, N.Y.

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