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What can Brown do for you? Not much, reader says

College golfer’s father seeks to set record straight regarding reason for recent budget cuts to golf programs

Concerning Morning Read’s article on the golf programs at Hampton University (“Hampton University moves to cut men’s, women’s golf,” June 12), you mention the golf programs at Brown University being cut as a result of revenue lost due to the pandemic (“Brown University to cut men’s, women’s golf,” May 29).

For sure, that is the perception that Brown wants out there, but it is far from true. It was completely unrelated, done without any transparency, and deceitfully performed. My son, Luca Jezzeny, is on the men’s team, was recruited and committed to a spot at the university while all information about the planned cuts was secreted from him. Brown, according to its own admission, was planning the cuts for about 18 months. My son had multiple other offers, which, if he had known what Brown was planning, would have accepted another. Now, he and multiple other athletes are left with few transfer options, as spots on teams are hard to come by.

The truth deserves to be out there, as a lot of student-athletes have been wronged.

Naime Jezzeny
Furlong, Pa.

Lighten up on Alex Miceli
To all those readers of Morning Read who disagree with the opinions and musings of Alex Miceli, remember this: He is the founder and publisher of this great publication (“From the Morning Read inbox,” June 15).

I do not necessarily agree with everything he writes, usually consuming my news with a discerning mind, trying to find factual tidbits to form an educated viewpoint. He may have slant or bias to his written word just like any other author, but in my view, this only adds interest where there otherwise might be none.

If you disagree, that’s OK. If this repeatedly offends you like certain cable news channels do for me, then I would suggest not reading.

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.

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