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John Hawkins got it right regarding Tiger Slam

Tiger Woods’ mark of 4 consecutive major professional titles has stood for 2 decades and likely will endure, reader contends

I have to reply to reader Jim Robinson’s take on John Hawkins’ “greatest feat” piece on the Tiger Slam (“From the Morning Read Inbox,” June 2).

For something to be considered a “greatest feat,” it has to be unmatched. Jesse Owens’ feat of winning four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics was awesome due to social circumstance, but it has been outdone athletically by other Olympians (Carl Lewis, Michael Phelps, et al.). Nearly 1,500 runners have broken the 4-minute mile; Roger Bannister was merely the first. Rocky Marciano is the only undefeated heavyweight champion, but there were a lot of tomato cans on his list. Mike Tyson was great and fearful for a relatively short period of time, but he doesn’t merit consideration.

If you want a greatest feat in sports, try Wayne Gretzky in the 1981-82 season, when he scored a record 92 goals (and added 120 assists).

Or Wilt Chamberlain averaging 50-plus points and 25-plus rebounds for an entire season in 1961-62.

But I don’t think anyone ever again will have those four golf trophies on his mantel at the same time. Hawk’s piece was on the mark.

Gregg Cook
Mechanicsburg, Pa.

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