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Reader slams Hawkins for his lofty view of Tiger Slam

Tiger Woods in his heyday had nothing on the feats of boxers Mike Tyson and Rocky Marciano, miler Roger Bannister and, most certainly, not on track star Jesse Owens

I just read with great amusement the article by John Hawkins about what he considers to be the greatest individual feat in sports (“20 years ago this month, Tiger Woods begins greatest feat in sports,” June 1).

While taking nothing away from the spectacular accomplishment of the Tiger Slam and the intimidation of Woods, it hardly merits this aggrandizement.

A host of boxers had greater feats. Mike Tyson’s accomplishments before Buster Douglas were way more intimidating and impressive. Rocky Marciano remained undefeated during boxing’s glory days. There are too many others to list.

Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile when most thought it was a physical impossibility and would kill an individual.

Does Hawkins really think that Woods’ accomplishment was greater than Jesse Owens’ feat at the 1936 Olympics, a black man competing in Nazi Germany and making a mockery of the so-called master race?


Jim Robinson
Liverpool, N.Y.

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