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A winning formula for golf telecasts

‘The Match: Champions for Charity’ offers a template for keeping golf fun yet competitive, and the TV networks should have learned a few things, too

As I expected, “The Match: Champions for Charity” on Sunday was everything that the “TaylorMade Driving Relief” one week earlier was not. The Match was fun, competitive, and even exciting at times (“PGA Tour, NFL icons raise bar for hit-and-giggle golf,” May 25).

Frankly, I enjoyed watching it more than just about any televised golf, other than the majors.

The Match was able to exhibit what I love about golf: four players enjoying the company and the course, teasing and joking, showing friendliness and good sportsmanship, but doing their utmost to win. Maybe a little bet on the side?

Watching Tom Brady hit the ball all over the course for six holes and then hitting a miracle shot is exactly what keeps the game magical, especially for us mid-handicappers.

Commentators Brian Anderson, Charles Barkley, Trevor Immelmann and Justin Thomas are welcome to announce any golf tournament on TV in the future. They were informative as well as personable and fun.

In his explanation about why he was going to chip low as opposed to high based on grass, lie and green contour, Phil Mickelson was mesmerizing. His excitement upon driving the green at the par-4 11th and setting up the eagle putt that Brady holed to tighten the match was infectious.

All in all, I hope the networks that televise golf paid attention. More expert insight, more personal interaction, more inside information and more fun.

That’s a winning broadcast.

Terry Fraser
Brooksville, Fla.

Medalist and Manning shine in match
Medalist Golf Club was great to see in “The Match: Champions for Charity.” We now know why everyone digs it so much. It looked a little like being in the Carolinas (“PGA Tour, NFL icons raise bar for hit-and-giggle golf,” May 25).

Golf in the rain. You play, but dang it. It was fun.

The star of the show for me was Peyton Manning. When you’re good funny, it’s good fun.

Tom Brady, do not play 18 before the round. And, if you'd just move that left thumb over to the right just a little bit. . . .

Tiger Woods can dig deep, eh? Hey, Phil Mickelson, do you want me to mark that with my gold medal from Pebble Beach?

I’ll bet that some of the games those boys play at Medalist can get brutal at times. So much fun.

And Mickelson played, too.

Tiger and Peyton won. They should defend.

Hey, Michael Jordan, what’re you doin’ next Sunday?

Kenny Drake
Albany, Ore.

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