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It’s time for a decisive ‘The Match III’

PGA Tour stars Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson need a rubber match, with assists from NBA icons Steph Curry and Michael Jordan and the uncommon commentary of Charles Barkley

Seeing that there have been two matches, with one win for Phil Mickelson and one for Tiger Woods, it seems a requirement and a given that there eventually will be a third and decisive match, right? (“PGA Tour, NFL icons raise bar for hit-and-giggle golf,” May 25).

We’ve seen Mickelson vs. Woods man-to-man at Shadow Creek.

We’ve seen Mickelson/Tom Brady vs. Woods/Peyton Manning in Florida in an NFL-themed throw-down.

For the ultimate and final version of “The Match,” it should be an NBA theme, with two superstars who also happen to be golf addicts and good sticks as well.

Mickelson/Steph Curry vs. Woods/Michael Jordan. The course: Jordan’s new $15 million playground in Florida. Former NBA star Charles Barkley could be on hand to provide the entertainment.

Make it happen.

Jon Lucas
Little Rock, Ark.

Woods and Medalist look like champs
Thoughts on “The Match: Champions for Charity” (“PGA Tour, NFL icons raise bar for hit-and-giggle golf,” May 25):

Big winner: Medalist Golf Club. This is one of the premier courses in not only the U.S., but the world.

Tiger Woods looks as if he is ready to win and be a factor on the PGA Tour when it returns next month.

Phil Mickelson was OK, and he played better as the day went on.

Peyton Manning definitely would be a guy who could shoot under par on a regular golf course.

What was Tom Brady's strategy in not hitting a driver on a course with some of the widest fairways? Brady rallied on the back nine but was humbled on the front nine.

Overall, a great day of golf. Turner Sports’ coverage was fantastic.

David Coleman
Middleburg Heights, Ohio
(Coleman is a member of the PGA of America.)

A proposal that simply doesn’t add up
I volunteered for many years at the Sarazen World Open here in Georgia (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 25). They gave us a shirt, hat, jacket, meal chits, and tickets for our significant other. We also had a reserved parking lot.

When the PGA Tour came to Atlanta, officials wanted me to pay for the clothes, and no comp tickets for my wife.

Now, this is a major tournament. The purse is in the millions, and the TV advertisers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for commercials.

Yet they want me to pay $200 for a uniform?

No, thank you.

I watched it on TV.

Gary Jackson

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