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2 words of advice to Vijay Singh’s critics: Play better

The hall-of-famer has earned the right to tee it up on anything sponsored by the PGA Tour, and he likely would be a big draw for the Korn Ferry Tour

Vijay Singh is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and has a lifetime exemption by the PGA Tour (“Vijay Singh has no business playing on Korn Ferry Tour,” May 11). You do not get to that level shooting 75 on a Sunday at a Nowhereland Invitational.

I would think that the Korn Ferry Tour would be ecstatic for Singh to play on that tour.

As for the guy whose place Singh is supposed to be taking in the tournament: Play better.

Kenny Drake
Albany, Ore.

Dream final-round pairing
Touring professional Brady Schnell is "unhappy" with hall-of-famer Vijay Singh, a three-time major champion and former world No. 1-ranked player, entering his precious Korn Ferry Tour event scheduled next month (“Vijay Singh has no business playing on Korn Ferry Tour,” May 11).

Hmm. Instead of taking the stance that Singh is somehow denying a spot for a more-deserving player, maybe, just maybe, Schnell could embrace Singh’s playing and spend some time “bending his ear.”

My knowledge of Singh is that he never turns away a player from a learning opportunity. Further, he is simply doing what he is entitled to do: Play in a PGA Tour-sponsored event.

How would Schnell feel if basketball’s Steph Curry and/or football’s Tony Romo decided to play with a sponsor exemption? Is that OK by Schnell? Is it acceptable because the sponsor can invite players? Or is it worse somehow because Singh needs no invitation?

I would like to see Brady Schnell and Vijay Singh paired together on Sunday, with the title on the line. Now, that would be a hoot.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

A position that lacks teeth
Can somebody explain to me why rakes are even permitted on golf courses?

Bunkers are defined as hazards – in other words, places that are supposed to be penal. How many times have you heard a pro golfer exclaim, “Get in the bunker,” when he hits a shot short or off-line? He knows that the bunker would offer a perfect lie and easier shot than a recovery from the rough.

Let the pros use professional courtesy and smooth a bunker with their feet before exiting and keep some type of penalty for hitting a ball into a hazard.

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

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