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Solution to ‘caddie conundrum’ seems simple enough

To minimize threat of transmitting coronavirus, PGA Tour should allow use of carts and rangefinders, and designate staff to rake bunkers

I don’t want to see caddies lose their revenue either (“Caddie conundrum could leave PGA Tour holding bag,” May 8), but until we have a vaccine for this virus, why doesn’t the PGA Tour:

* Have the pros drive golf carts? They don’t have any business lugging bags. They could even mount remote-controlled cameras to the roofs and mic

* Allow them to use laser rangefinders? Assign non-slope versions

* Assign golf course staff to rake bunkers and remove pins when requested?

This likely would speed the pace while eliminating opportunities for virus spread.

Mark Sharitz
Johns Creek, Ga.

In eliminating non-essential workers, start with reporters
Mike Purkey’s “take” makes zero sense (“Caddie conundrum could leave PGA Tour holding bag,” May 8).

If all PGA Tour players and caddies have been tested and take all precautions, why can’t they work and earn a living? Does Purkey realize that golf is outside?

My suggestion to eliminate excess people at these events is to have zero reporters. It would be best in these times to eliminate non-essential people, just for a week or two.

I have grown tired in this coronavirus pandemic of listening to people who have jobs tell people without jobs that they shouldn’t work.

Dan McQuilken
Brick, N.J.

Caddie solutions
Regarding the question of caddies on the PGA Tour (“Caddie conundrum could leave PGA Tour holding bag,” May 8):

* If no caddies, let the players use pull carts

* Caddies can be stationed at specific bunkers and rake them for all players

* One caddie at each green who would pull the flag for all players, if requested.

Ken Bissett
Winfield, Ill.

Triple threat
I read Morning Read pretty much all the time, but I’m not sure why anymore. With writers such as Alex Miceli, John Hawkins and Mike Purkey in there all the time, there is not much worth reading.

All three of these guys have the most inane things to say. It seems all three buy head and tails into the mainstream mantra that the world is ending, so we should all just sit at home and wait to die. I am so tired of that never-ending mantra and being told to shut up and listen to the supposed experts, who have been wrong all along from day one about coronavirus. Well, I won’t read those writers anymore and certainly won’t listen to anything they have to say anymore.

I guess that means I can unsubscribe from Morning Read.

If you decide to get some real writers who have some backbone and won’t just parrot the garbage out there in the mainstream, then maybe I will have a change of heart.

Jeff Nettesheim
Sun City, Ariz.

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