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PGA Tour’s world domination takes shape

Coronavirus-related troubles create opportunity for U.S.-based tour to grab pieces of Ryder Cup, PGA Championship and British Open, reader contends

I would guess that the PGA Tour’s long-term goal is to try to control men’s professional golf worldwide, but Tour leaders know the U.S. Open and the Masters are beyond their reach (“European Tour faces a hard bargain for survival,” May 6). So, their best shots are the Ryder Cup, the PGA Championship and the British Open.

A merger with the European Tour would give the U.S.-based tour the British Open and half of the Ryder Cup. That would make the Tour partners with the PGA of America for that biennial event.

The current coronavirus-panic shutdown surely will affect the PGA of America. Many golf clubs and facilities already were operating on a shoestring before the closure. Post shutdown, one would have to assume that many clubs and facilities will close permanently. That means fewer club professionals, a loss of PGA membership and a decline of revenue. Meanwhile, the PGA’s new partner, with its deep pockets, would be right there and ready to make the association an offer that it couldn’t refuse.

It all makes perfect business sense for the PGA Tour.

Meanwhile, the LPGA is struggling. I haven’t read of any discussions between the Tour and the LPGA about partnering with the women’s tour. Is the PGA Tour more interested in co-sponsoring tournaments in countries where women’s rights are violated than it is about co-sponsoring events in the U.S., where women are respected? Respected enough that one might be president in four years?

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

Pine Valley would be ideal spot for event without fans
If there will be a time frame during which there will be PGA Tour events played without spectators, it would be the time to schedule a PGA Tour event, or the Ryder Cup, at Pine Valley (N.J.) Golf Club.

There are no professional tournaments at Pine Valley because the layout is very unfriendly to accommodate a significant number of spectators. The PGA Tour should take this window of opportunity to move a tournament to Pine Valley.

The players would love it. Anticipation of an event played at Pine Valley would be through the roof, and TV ratings would be very high.

Would the players tear it up with 65s, or would only a few be able to break 70? It would be a win-win-win event, making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, the year 2020.

Brice Bergesen

Coronavirus and Spanish flu? There's no comparison
I have a rebuttal to reader Bob Geismar ("From the Morning Read inbox," May 6).

There is no reasonable comparison with coronavirus and the Spanish flu. Health care in 1918 was very different then, and now it’s state of the art.

Like Geismar, I also know people who have died from the virus, and I have a granddaughter in an emergency-room position fighting daily. So, I’m well aware of this potential, but there is no comparison.

Garen Eggleston
The Villages, Fla.

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