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Will PGA Tour go rogue on coronavirus rules?

Return to action could signal another de facto step toward bifurcation compared with how the rest of us play the game

When the PGA Tour returns to action in June, I wonder whether it will play under the same medical-specialist-imposed guidelines as we do. Will the Tour play with no bunker rakes or with ground-level, upside-down cups and flagsticks that must remain in the hole?

I would guess not. We already see big-city mayors breaking their own stay-at-home rules, so why wouldn’t the PGA Tour do things its own way?

The PGA Tour already plays a game with which we are not familiar. Now, it will play a game which we can’t play.

Is this Step No. 1 in an eventual move to bifurcation?

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

Beman deserves Tour players’ thanks
John Hawkins’ article was 100 percent correct (“PGA Tour’s greatest commissioner? It’s a gimme,” April 28).

Deane Beman was an amazing visionary. The advent of the TPC courses was incredible. He got tired of paying clubs for the use of their courses, so he simply built his own.

When the PGA Tour first went to TPC Scottsdale, it was merely a dust storm. Look at what Scottsdale, Ariz., is today. Beman made the players lifetime members at TPC clubs. What a great perk.

Beman came up with a pension plan for the players that supposedly is better than plans in other sports.

All PGA Tour players should send the Beman family gifts at the holidays. Tim Finchem just got lucky that Tiger Woods showed up on his watch.

Dan McQuilken
Brick, N.J.

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