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Reader puts his finger on problem with PGA Tour schedule

Fans merit no consideration for Tour, which focuses on TV in a return to competition amid coronavirus pandemic, reader contends

Having a golf tournament without spectators will be like having a steak dinner without a knife and fork (“PGA Tour announces new 2020 schedule, to resume in 8 weeks,” April 16).

What is the PGA Tour telling us? What we have known for a long time: the PGA Tour cares more about its TV contract than it does the paying fans who attend. Further, the Tour has forgotten its constituents during this coronavirus pandemic. The players will have to travel, stay in hotels, go to restaurants. And then there are the caddies.

Oh, well. At least the ratings will be great. We won't be playing golf, so we’d might as well watch it.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

Mighty fine, Klein
Thank you, Brad Klein, for a very informative piece on the state of golf (“Golf scrambles to adjust to a new world order,” April 16). Well done.

John M. Sullivan
Hull, Mass.

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