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PGA Tour doesn’t have to wait for John Hawkins’ OK

Plenty of people depend on Tour events to pay their bills, and they should be allowed to go back to work, reader contends

Just like Alex Miceli, John Hawkins thinks it is just fine to produce his drivel and get paid for it, but no one else should be able to earn a living until Hawkins decides the time is right (“PGA Tour’s premature reboot will come with a cost,” April 14).

So, the PGA Tour, sponsor FedEx, the professional golfers, hot-dog vendors, local hotels and eateries, and everyone else tied to a Tour event needs to wait for John Hawkins to give his blessing before they even think about going back to work in order to pay their bills. Yeah, John, I’m being sarcastic.

There are always people out there who think they know best and that everyone else is stupid.

Jeff Nettesheim
Sun City, Ariz.

‘Peacock of the Fairways’ ascends to loftiest perch
In the commentary about Doug Sanders and his flamboyant life (“Remembering the 'Peacock of the Fairways',” April 14), Bill Pelham wrote that Sanders was a flawed individual (as we all are) in need of redemption. It was accomplished several years back as Sanders accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior, and as such, he is enjoying eternity in heaven.

Robert Schilhab
Kingwood, Texas

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