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Pro tours’ rush to reschedule sends wrong message

Tens of thousands of Americans are projected to die from coronavirus, so what are golf leaders thinking?

Are the powers-that-be in golf jumping the gun a bit? I think so (“Masters, PGA, U.S. Open move dates,” April 6).

Scheduling golf tournaments within the current quarter on the calendar or even beyond this quarter is irresponsible and undignified. We have perhaps tens of thousands of residents yet to die from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the medical experts. And the leaders of the major professional tours and governing bodies are so brazen as to schedule golf tournaments. It feels cruel.

Could they at least hold off for a month or so and let the dust settle before they are so consumed in their own tournament preservation? It makes me sick. Golf can wait.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

More Masters, less Trump
Morning Read has been a great place to go on a daily basis to read about golf and get away from the constant barrage of politics. I opened Morning Read on Monday morning to a picture of President Donald Trump and a story about his call with sports commissioners (“Donald Trump’s push for sports will put golf to the test,” April 6).

I understand that the golf honchos were on the call, and that fact loosely makes it golf news, but I’m sure I speak for a lot of readers when I say I like my Morning Read without the politics, and I certainly don’t need to see another picture of Trump.

More Masters stories this week, please.

Gregg Cook
Mechanicsburg, Pa.

A fan of golf history
What a wonderful and interesting article by John Fischer on Billy Joe Patton (“Amateur creates a stir at ’54 Masters,” April 6).

I enjoyed the attention to detail and the story of the ’54 Masters, which I knew about but was not familiar with the details. Thank you for focusing on this story of golf history.

Stuart Campbell
Nashville, Tenn.

Angling for more from Fischer
Thanks to John Fischer for the wonderful story of Billy Joe Patton (“Amateur creates a stir at ’54 Masters,” April 6).

His encyclopedic knowledge of golf is amazing. Please make Fischer a regular feature of Morning Read.

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.
(Editor's note: For more articles authored by John Fischer that have been published in Morning Read, click here.)

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