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What’s old can be new again

With plenty of downtime these days because of the coronavirus shutdown, reader finds that old books and tournaments produce something in common: final results that click in the moment

We have read, ad infinitum, the social-distancing protocols taken to allow golf courses to stay open for play during the coronavirus pandemic. This is a bonus for those of us still able to enjoy the game.

As a part of the stay-at-home edict, I have increased my volume of reading and my watching of televised golf. Rereading a book and watching reruns of tournaments have similar results.

I vaguely recall parts of the book and the players in the golf tournament, but rarely the outcome of either.

But I enjoy the books and the "new" tournament winners anyway.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

Playing golf a few weeks in a row hardly is ‘work’
With all due respect to Paul Casey, whom I have admired for years, but mentioning that playing “two, three, or four weeks in a row” could be tough, is more than a trifle condescending to those of us who work 50, 51, 52 weeks in a row so that we can pay bills, raise a family, and maybe play an occasional round of golf (“Too many PGA Tour events, not enough weeks,” March 23). Perspective is everything.

Successful PGA Tour players make a pretty good income, and no one is saying they “have” to play in all of the tournaments. If they decide to play, then it could be as well a physical-duration test, as much as anything else, and no one would have a problem with that. Casey will be just fine.

My recommendation is to scrap the wraparound season for this year. Of course, depending on how coronavirus plays out, it might be a moot point.

Rich Tarvin
Roseville, Calif.

Tiger, Phil, Augusta and Feherty: it’s ‘brilliant’
Alex Miceli made an excellent case for a sequel to “The Match” between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to happen, and his venue choice of Augusta National is absolutely spot-on (“There’s a better way for Woods-Mickelson sequel,” April 3).

To then add David Feherty for commentary is, as Feherty would say, “brilliant.”

While we all sit in our houses hoping for better days, such an event would bring a ray of sunlight. Woods vs. Mickelson or, say, Rory McIlroy vs. Brooks Koepka, or dare we be so bold and say both? I'm sure that these guys are all playing golf anyway, so why not drive up to Augusta and give us a chance to get excited?

Baird Heide
Bradford, Ontario

Great suggestion
Regarding Alex Miceli’s suggestion for a Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match at Augusta National: I’m in (“There’s a better way for Woods-Mickelson sequel,” April 3). And I would be the first to give a contribution.

Great idea, and the perfect location. Thanks for the suggestion.

Kevin Odell
Claxton, Ga.

An opportunity for Woods and Mickelson
Alex Miceli’s piece on the proposed Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson rematch was so well done (“There’s a better way for Woods-Mickelson sequel,” April 3).

Thank you, Alex, for your honest characterization of their personas around golf fans.

How can they be so tone deaf not to make this a coronavirus fundraiser?

John M. Sullivan
Hull, Mass.
(Sullivan is the strategic account manager for Majesty Golf, a Japan-based manufacturer of golf equipment.)

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