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Caveat emptor for golf-equipment shoppers

Economic effects of coronavirus could be felt in golf shops, too

I just looked at a few drivers.

The Titleist one showed “head made in China, shaft made in China, assembled in USA.”

The Ping one showed “head made in China, shaft made in Vietnam, assembled in USA.”

The TaylorMade one showed “head made in China, shaft made in China, assembled in Mexico.”

I wonder whether the consumer will be hesitant to purchase equipment made in heavily-infected coronavirus countries?

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

Put up or shut up regarding Patrick Reed
It is so disappointing to read all of these comments about Patrick Reed (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 2).

You weren’t there when he supposedly cheated, but you definitely don’t have a problem making false accusations. Why don’t you shut up and worry about your own game?

In my 30-plus years of playing golf, I have seen club players not hesitate when it comes to a foot wedge or improving their lie or posting a 5 when they had a 6 or a 7.

I play with a group of guys who want so badly to win that they won’t hesitate to cheat. The sad thing is that our stake is only a dollar per golfer.

The pros play for so much more, and it starts with integrity. If Patrick Reed cheats, then prove it or shut up.

Mel Howsmon
Vancouver, Wash.

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