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Another way to rank world’s top golfers

Using the new World Handicap System as a guide, reader comes up with a different view of the world ranking for the elite pros

We all know why the statisticians have made the Official World Golf Ranking so complex: because they can (“Who’s really No. 1? It’s not so tough to compute,” Feb. 20).

Guys like that want to believe that ever more detail and precision gives a more accurate view of who is best. Same with the new World Handicap System, which I understand means that I could play to my handicap but have it go up if it knocks off a really good score from 21 rounds ago.

But, if the WHS is good enough for the likes of us, let's apply something similar to the top guys. Assuming that the number of points awarded in each tournament is about right, we can take the best eight from the last 20 played, full value, and see who comes out on top. This includes last year's Masters, so that seems fair. After all, that net 67 we shot last April still counts, so how come Tiger Woods’ 100 points for the Masters is already down to 65 in the OWGR?

The total points for Justin Thomas' best eight equals 232 and Jon Rahm is at 272, but, of course, the interest is in who comes out on top between current world No. 1 Rory McIlroy and No. 2 Brooks Koepka. Given McIlroy’s recent great results, you might think that it would be the Northern Irishman, but he totals only 257 against Koepka's 336. Meanwhile, Woods is on 286. Using this system, McIlroy has just lost his 80 points for winning the Players Championship, so he has a long way to go to overhaul Woods and Rahm before he gets a chance at the top spot.

So, that's my Unofficial World Golf Ranking.

Terry Wall
Winchester, England

Hands off, please
What John Hawkins wrote about winter rules is very true (“ ‘Winter rules’ often are in season year-round,” Feb. 19).

Yes, weather definitely has a factor in it, but many people are playing them more and more when they don’t need to.

David Coleman
Middleburg Heights, Ohio
(Coleman is a member of the PGA of America.)

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