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3 giants, 1 city, 1 common trait

San Diegans Billy Casper, Gene Littler and Mickey Wright leave legacies in golf as champions with their winsome ways

Billy Casper, Gene Littler and Mickey Wright: three of the absolute greats of all time, and all from what was "sleepy" San Diego, have now all passed (“Mickey Wright, 85, prolific LPGA champion, dies, Feb. 18).

What a trio, indeed. Casper, with 51 PGA Tour titles, including three major championships; Littler, with 29 titles, including one major; and Wright, whose 82 wins on the LPGA included 13 majors, and she retired early.

The accolades bestowed upon them for their golf is remarkable, but even better than that was their defining character: great players, and from everything I have ever heard or read, even better people.

Three giants of the game.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

What’s the big deal? Riviera holds the key
Alex Miceli was right on the money (“Blueprint to fix distance woes already exists,” Feb. 17). Maybe the PGA Tour and the USGA should put Miceli on the payroll.

I’ve been playing this game for more than 50 years and don’t understand why everyone thinks the distance debate is such a difficult issue to overcome.

Riviera Country Club, site of last week’s Genesis Invitational, is a perfect example of a great course set up in the perfect way and was a fair test for the bombers and the shot-makers. Tight fairways, fair rough length, fast-and-hard putting surfaces and flags set in difficult areas of the greens will dictate to the players how to play the hole.

Simple fix. No more 7,800-yard courses, less upkeep and the club makers can keep trying to rip off the hard-working people who really care about this wonderful game that we all love.

Dave Snellings
Newnan, Ga.

Recalling The Riv and 2 modern gems
I really enjoyed Alex Miceli’s article on Riviera and reducing golf’s footprint (“Blueprint to fix distance woes already exists,” Feb. 17).

I have had the good fortune to play Riviera once many years ago. The course is infinitely more memorable than most modern courses, as are the nine-holers at Sweetens Cove and Sewanee (“Tennessee’s dynamic 9-hole duo,” June 20, 2018, Where To Golf Next).

Howard B. Hayden
Germantown, Tenn.

A viewpoint anchored in sarcasm
Congratulations, Adam Scott and your long putter, on the incidental-touching win at Riviera (“Keeping score,” Feb. 17).

You have made Bernhard Langer, Scott McCarron and Retief Goosen proud.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

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