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Just wake me when CBS snoozefest ends

Regardless of why CBS changed its lineup for golf broadcasts, the fact remains that the move didn’t work, reader contends

Thank you for providing John Hawkins' view about CBS (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

Whether CBS is being truthful in its “younger audience” reason for change doesn't matter as much as the changes themselves. Whatever the network officials’ reason, they certainly have whiffed, as Hawkins puts it. Davis Love III is a great guy, but seriously? That's the move to garner viewership?

I'm sure that most people got a lot from Peter Kostis' swing analyses; they certainly made me wish I was at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am for him to dissect mine. And while I might not be the Gary McCord fan that many are, given the verbal trots that he has serious bouts of, I think we can expect a little more of an upgrade. I also hate to throw Amanda Balionis under the bus, but her one-question interview with Nick Taylor following his victory assures us that we're not likely to see grown men cry following emotional victories, if they get to skip right off the green.

If we do have the “yin” of Nick Faldo, Ian Baker-Finch, et al., let's find the “yang” that adds the spice. Is Brandel Chamblee really the sport's closest thing to controversy? Even the NFL tried Dennis Miller on “Monday Night Football.”

Here's hoping that we're in transition, and prudence prevails. I hate having my good nap spoiled.

Peter Lavelle

Give Love some time to grow into the job
I have been reading with interest the Morning Read “inbox” letters regarding CBS’ new golf team (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Feb. 11).

It seems as if the entire world is unanimous in that the broadcast has become a “disaster” and is “unwatchable,” to quote a few of the emails.

Do people really tune in to a golf tournament to be entertained by the commentators? I tune in to watch the competition unfold and was very interested to see whether young Nick Taylor could finish the deal and hold off Phil Mickelson at Pebble Beach.

Davis Love III certainly hasn’t found his way yet, but I’m willing to give him some time to fit in. It took Jim “Bones” Mackay awhile to mesh with the NBC team, but I now consider his work to be quite good.

The golf is the reason why I watch. The less blathering by the announcers, the better. Just tell us what we need to know and get out of the way.

Ben Wright, Peter Alliss and Ken Venturi, where are you when we need you?

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

Love needs to tweak his game
I’ll agree with most readers that Davis Love III has to pick up his game (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

CBS is off golf for a month, so maybe he can take time to make some tweaks.

I was very happy the day that I heard Gary McCord was gone; he had become unwatchable to me. I never cared for Nick Faldo; he always looked miserable as a player, and now he wants everyone to love him. I know that Love and Ian Baker-Finch are really nice guys. I met Johnny Miller, and you can’t get any better than that, so maybe they can adjust their on-screen personas a little.

Jeff Evagues
Chandler, Ariz.

How bad is Love? Even Mrs. Polan notices
John Hawkins is totally on point with the new hire of Davis Love III and the ouster of Peter Kostis and Gary McCord (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

Love is such a great guy, and I know he is trying, but you talk about boring. I really feel sorry for him. When the wife notices it, you know he is bad.

I watched last year’s version of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am on Wednesday night (before the tournament), and enjoyed hearing Kostis and McCord once again. To let them go for Love was a huge miss. Shame on CBS.

Dottie Pepper is very good and has some great insight, and Mark Immelman is doing a great job. I enjoy his comments as well.

I don’t know whether Kostis or McCord will return, but it would be a big win for the telecasts for next year, if that were to happen.

Steve Polan
Rancho Murieta, Calif.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a CBS
To say that the new golf look for CBS lacks punch is to say I had a chance against Muhammad Ali (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

As John Hawkins wrote, the loss of David Feherty and his ready-made humor and dialect was huge and has led to the ouster of the two men who were older than 70, Gary McCord and Peter Kostis.

When I heard that CBS was hiring Davis Love III, I figured he would be doing something special. Instead, the network buried him incognito.

The hope is that the new producer when Lance Barrow retires after this year will revamp the look and feel and get some surprises each week.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

Younger viewers will tune out CBS
I totally agree with John Hawkins. I am an avid golfer who really enjoyed Gary McCord and Peter Kostis on CBS. They made the telecast (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

I am 70 years old and may be biased, but a younger audience is not going to tune in for what CBS is offering now.

Sonny Runyan
Eldon, Mo.

A how-to guide for CBS
A big thank you to John Hawkins for his very incisive article (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

CBS basically removed all of the personality and life from its broadcast. Get rid of Nick Faldo, Frank Nobilo, Ian Baker-Finch, and put Davis Love III at the 18th hole to interview players when they come off the course.

I also think that the network needs to replace Jim Nantz, who seems to be phoning it in most of the time.

Bring back Gary McCord and Peter Kostis, and pay David Feherty whatever he wants to take over for Nantz. I’ll still watch, but I won’t be listening.

Bob Palladino
Upper Darby, Pa.

CBS and its new low-fat diet
I was totally disappointed when I heard of CBS’ shank in not renewing the contracts of Gary McCord and Peter Kostis and replacing them under the guise of the broadcast having gotten “stale” (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

Sadly, their replacements are more like Melba toast and dried Saltine crackers.

Furthermore, Nick Faldo knows and can speak about only one topic: himself. That’s gotten way too old.

I hope that Fox Sports reaches out to McCord and Kostis and adds them to their U.S. Open coverage. As great as Joe Buck is, golf isn’t his thing.

Michael G. Misheff
Elizabeth, Colo.

With CBS, you won’t laugh at the stench
I agree that Davis Love III absolutely stinks with CBS (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

The network got rid of the people who made golf fun to watch. Where was the Bill Murray coverage from Pebble Beach? That is why we watch that tournament every year. We want the fun back and not more really dull golf tournaments that the top golfers don’t even show up to play.

Ken Feldman
Hooksett, N.H.

Hawk the hammer
John Hawkins hit the nail on the ol’ proverbial head with his description of Sunday’s golf telecast by CBS (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10).

I actually did fall asleep during the snooze fest. The announcing was something between a wake and the Masters show.

What was CBS thinking? The network fired two of the best golf announcers and replaced them with milquetoast.

My weekend golf viewing has been severely damaged due to CBS’ reckless driving.

Oh, my.

Ed Randolph
Plymouth, Mich.

Hawkins nails it again
Great article by John Hawkins (“If you like vanilla, you’ll love CBS’ new lineup,” Feb. 10). As usual, he hit the nail on the head.

Doug Backer

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