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Quest to find an edge won’t end for golfers

Solving the distance debate comes down to 2 simple options, reader contends, and one of them would make most of us unhappy

I’ve played golf for 55 years. Improvement of equipment always has been heavily pursued (“USGA, R&A release ‘Distance Insights’ project,” Feb. 5).

Today, it’s a global effort, with massive money driven to give anybody with the ability exactly the equipment needed to raise his or her net skill level to incredible heights. The quality control of golf-ball production adds even more to this ascent.

Also, today’s professionals are athletes, period. Webb Simpson is the latest example. The guy looks like a wishbone quarterback.

Simply put, the courses required to challenge today’s touring pros have got to be 100-plus yards longer on the par 4s than what I play.

So, here are the two options:

1. Have the PGA Tour play longer courses;

2. Screw with the ball and ruin the game for everyone else.

It’s just that simple.

Al Fiscus
Searcy, Ark.

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