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Hey, Internationals: Take a cue from Seve and dare to win

The International team needs to find common ground to succeed against the Americans in the Presidents Cup

Ernie Els has stated that the International side needs to get away from the PGA Tour to be more successful in the Presidents Cup. He makes a good point.

Though the Ryder Cup is run by the PGA of America, the European Tour controls its side of the competition, and all of the Europeans are able to feel part of their tour's team. This is not the case for the Internationals in the Presidents Cup. The PGA Tour controls the entire event, and there is no common organization of which they are a part.

This is just one aspect of their problem of having no central or common ground around which to build a team. Unlike Europe, the Internationals have no unifying tour to which they all belong. They have the Korean Tour, Australasian, Canadian, Japanese and for all I know the Nobikini Atoll Tour. It’s hardly something to rally around. Nor is there any other body that encompasses all of the potential participants. Language and cultural differences also are more of a bonding obstacle for the Internationals than for the Euros.

Other than historic futility, the International side has little to unify it. The PGA Tour should at least allow the Internationals to create some sort of body that has full control over how they choose to operate. Otherwise, it's the PGA Tour versus a bunch of guys from anywhere except Europe and the U.S.

Maybe Els has a good point. Something has to happen, something that produces some International wins. Otherwise, the Presidents Cup will be as insignificant as the Ryder Cup was before the late Seve Ballesteros.

Could Ernie Els be the second coming of Seve? Let's hope so.

Blaine Walker
St. Paul, Minn.

A divided opinion on split-screen debate
I agree with reader Michael Merrill’s split-screen observations, but I really do like the close-up shot of the lie. It gives you the feeling of playing the shot from the TV screen (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Dec. 17).

As we get into the season up north, we will get a much different perspective of the challenges faced with thicker rough.

Mark Wise
Westlake, Ohio
(Wise is a Titleist sales representative in northeast Ohio.)

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