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For real change at CBS, ditch split screen and yammering

CBS and other networks should let pictures speak for themselves

One thing we know about Lance Barrow is that he doesn't learn very well (“Turnover continues at CBS Sports as producer to resign,” Dec. 16).

During Barrow’s tenure as producer, CBS Sports’ coverage of golf events has degenerated greatly. He didn't learn a thing from the late Frank Chirkinian. If the new guy, Sellers Shy, learned from Barrow, then CBS will continue to deliver poor broadcasts.

One way to avoid the split-screen garbage is to fast forward through it. If the golf produces anything worth seeing, it will be replayed.

I always tape the golf telecasts so that I can fast forward through commercials. I also have the sound off a lot of the time, as most of the dialogue from the announcers is inane and meaningless. Network TV never has discovered that silence is perfectly OK at times. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

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