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Women should unite and oppose LET’s Saudi event

'Clueless' decision ignores reality of women's lives in Saudi Arabia

As I move into the undeniably elderly years, some things still simply amaze me. The latest is that the Ladies European Tour will stage a tournament in Saudi Arabia (“LET follows men in staging an event Saudi Arabia,” Dec. 12).

I can only imagine that the people making that decision for the LET are simply clueless, and the response of LET members and others from the LPGA will spur them to broaden their education.

When one looks at the role of women under Wahhabism, the form of Islamic belief in Saudi Arabia, one realizes that they are unequivocally slaves. It is the perfect example of the attempt to hide slavery in the guise of treasuring women. The price of that relationship is complete subservience and control by the masters.

Women all over the world should loudly object.

Robin Dea
Vancouver, Wash.

Ads get in way of viewer’s enjoyment of action
Watching the Presidents Cup, which I've done to conclusion each night, is much more difficult than it could be because of so many ads on Golf Channel.

It seems like every time a group walks off a green, a split screen or a full screen of ads appears. When the split screen is active, the left third shows golf but without voice while you're bombarded with 4-6 ads in a row, with sound, on the right two-thirds of the screen. This makes for a very difficult way to follow all of the matches.

Lou Body
Beaufort, S.C.

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