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Don’t sandblast Patrick Reed without looking at others

Reader points to questionable acts by Phil Mickelson, Jon Rahm and Tiger Woods as being among PGA Tour's 'bad apples'

So, Patrick Reed moved some sand, and now he’s a cheater who should be banished from the game. Or, so everyone seems to think (“Henrik Stenson shows he still knows how to win,” Dec. 8).

Let’s not forget Phil Mickelson at the 2018 U.S. Open. Unbelievable cheating. So, he has to go, as well.

How about Jon Rahm at the 2017 Irish Open? Cheater. No penalty, and he wins the tournament. I don’t see anybody trying to kick Rahm out of the game.

And all of the players competing with non-conforming clubs. I guess we kick all them out of the game, as well.

Tiger Woods during the 2013 Masters at Augusta. Better strip him of his majors and other victories and put him in the cheater dumpster, I guess.

Reed moved some sand. He was penalized and lost the tournament because of it. If you think Reed is a bad apple and want him out of the basket, make sure you throw all bad apples out of the basket. Especially Mickelson.

Ken Drake
Albany, Ore.

Reed missed his best shot at defending himself
Patrick Reed was too quick to admit to an infraction and to accept a two-shot penalty (“Henrik Stenson shows he still knows how to win,” Dec. 8).

He should have appealed the ruling and used the Scott McCarron long-putter defense that it’s inadvertent touching.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

Too much about Woods, and too little about others
All Tiger, all the time (“Woods plays the Hero for more than it’s worth,” Dec. 4).

I preferred watching Jack Nicklaus and his grandson last weekend in the PNC Father-Son Challenge (“Bernhard Langer and son add another belt to family collection,” Dec. 8). I doubt I'll watch any of the Presidents Cup this weekend for the same reason.

Sure, Woods was great, but enough is enough; the constant adoration and breathless commentary have to end sometime. Many golf fans I know think the same way.

Every one of Woods’ shots is covered, whether he's first or last in the tournament, and then, of course, his round is replayed constantly, as are his interviews.

There are many other great players who are getting short shrift.

Paul Modarelli
Howey-in-the-Hills, Fla.

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