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Mickelson rankles as 'fake, greedy, self-absorbed, tone-deaf mercenary'

Uh, Phil, don’t expect Christmas card from this reader

Phil Mickelson shows his true colors (“In other golf news,” Dec. 2; “From the Morning Read inbox,” Dec. 3).

As a golf fan, I no longer can stomach Mickelson’s fake image of Mr. Nice Guy. The truth is that Mickelson is a fake, greedy, self-absorbed, tone-deaf mercenary.

As a three-time winner of the Phoenix Open who has played there for 28 years, Mickelson chooses to play in Saudi Arabia. It makes me believe that he has a serious lack of morals, ethics and doesn’t give a flip about anything other than lining his pocket with dirty money.

Mickelson is either too dumb to understand that Saudi Arabia is a Sharia Law-practicing cesspool of human-rights violations and murderers, or he just doesn’t care.

Derek Turney
Alpharetta, Ga.

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