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Mickelson takes heat for choosing Saudis over Phoenicians

You can’t spell ‘Saudi’ without ‘s-a-d’

It’s hard to believe that Phil Mickelson is heading to Saudi Arabia for the Saudi International (“In other golf news,” Dec. 2).

If I, like Mickelson, were a gambling man, I’d bet that he is getting an appearance fee. I’m guessing that he doesn’t believe he can earn the money the old-fashioned way, by winning a tournament. Maybe he is afraid that he won’t even make the cut. Only he knows the real reason, but it doesn’t matter.

Giving up the Phoenix Open and all of those who supported him is pathetic, which apparently is where Mickelson is heading. Sad.

Joe Hughes
Gambrills, Md.

It’s time to create a match with ‘real meaning’
Starting the discussion around the future of the Presidents Cup and including the Ryder Cup in such a discussion is a good idea (“A merger plan with a 1-in-a-million shot,” Dec. 1).

With the full understanding that TV and content are king, I offer the following idea: Get rid of the Presidents Cup and change the Ryder Cup to North America vs. the rest of the world.

Since the advent of Greg Norman's ideas that led to the Presidents Cup, the U.S. record in the Ryder Cup has suffered. I think this is caused by the U.S. team being burnt out from having to play in the Presidents Cup in the off years.

Go back to one event. Everything changes over time, and making the Ryder Cup an event that is played every two years around the world with the best 24 golfers in the world would be something to look forward to. The PC is a made-for-TV event that doesn't get the players or the fans as revved up as the RC does.

The time has come to go far outside of the box and create something that has real meaning. It may be more than the 1 million-to-one shot that you offered, but it’s worth a discussion.

Greg Cooper
Hinsdale, Ill.

Presidents-Ryder merger won’t happen
Merging the Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup never will happen as long as the PGA Tour owns the Presidents Cup and the PGA of America owns the Ryder Cup (“A merger plan with a 1-in-a-million shot,” Dec. 1).

I would assume there is no love between the two groups, given that the Tour-affiliated retail PGA Tour Superstores are killing the club professionals.

And why would the PGA of America ever agree to that? It has the overwhelmingly stronger of the two events. How would this merger make the Ryder Cup stronger? All it might do is strengthen the Presidents Cup … and that’s probably not in the PGA’s interest.

Maybe it's time for the Presidents Cup, which made its debut during the first administration of former President Bill Clinton, to go away just as other things born during his terms in office did, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

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