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Readers applaud idea of Presidents Cup as Ryder Cup qualifier

‘Traditionalist’ sees merit in Van Sickle’s proposal

As a staunch traditionalist, I am surprised at my positive reaction to Gary Van Sickle's idea of making the Presidents Cup a qualifier for a global Ryder Cup (“A merger plan with a 1-in-a-million shot,” Dec. 1).

As much as I love watching the current format, it is perhaps time to realize that the game has grown beyond the original vision of Samuel Ryder and a new approach is timely.

If we truly wish to see golf grow in popularity, then the powers-that-be need to recognize that bringing the format of these competitions up to date is critical to the success of attracting the public. The world rankings could be used to pick the players for each team, with a small number of captain's picks as is done now. TV stations around the world would have more incentive to show the events if a player from their country is competing, and it's possible that more people would be attracted to the game as a result.

It's that time of year when we write our wish lists. Maybe this is one wish that might be granted.

Paul Sunderland
Los Angeles

Van Sickle’s idea comes with pros and cons
I enjoyed Gary Van Sickle’s article about merging the Ryder Cup with the Presidents Cup and think it is an idea with a lot of merit (“A merger plan with a 1-in-a-million shot,” Dec. 1).

However, the U.S. pros might not go for it. Under the current structure, the U.S. pros play in the Ryder Cup or the Presidents Cup every year. Van Sickle’s proposal would result in the U.S. pros being excluded from an international team event approximately one-third of the time.

Also, I do not mean to be too American-focused, but would either event want to risk not having the U.S. pros?

Tom Cawley
Palm City, Fla.

It’s off and running
What a great idea it is to merge the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup (“A merger plan with a 1-in-a-million shot,” Dec. 1). It would bring relevance to all.

Morning Read should grasp that idea and really run with it.

Lou Body
Beaufort, S.C.

Make checks payable to ‘Eldrick T. Woods’
Some of these holier-than-thou writers are still getting mileage out of Tiger Woods’ mishaps and should send some of their paychecks/royalties to Woods.

They appear to thrive on scandal – salivate, even – as I guess some of the readers do.

Kitty Russell

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