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Readers react to retrospective of Tiger Woods' fire-hydrant caper

Hawkins writes ‘thoughtful and incisive’ piece on Woods

John Hawkins' dissertation on Tiger Woods’ downfall and subsequent comeback was thoughtful and incisive (“When Tiger’s life veered off course,” Nov. 26).

It was an excellent analysis of how famous athletes are treated by the press, ruling bodies and their fans. We can admire the accomplishments while being affronted by the personalities.

Famous people have been scandalous for centuries, so Woods’ bad behavior is nothing new. What's different is the way he dealt with the results of said behavior.

Paul Sunderland
Los Angeles

Hawkins should write about the new Tiger Woods
While I am not as harsh in my thoughts as was recent writer Pete Martin regarding John Hawkins’ article about Tiger Woods (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Nov. 27), I do agree that Hawkins was “out of bounds” with his column (“When Tiger’s life veered off course,” Nov. 26).

Why bring up a negative that is 10 years in the past? Who cares? The Tiger Woods whom we now see is a much more positive story for a number of reasons. His impressive comeback from a number of significant injuries to return as a top-10 player in the world; proving to be a devoted father to his children; his positive interaction both with galleries and his fellow players; and the fact he obviously takes a renewed joy with the game of golf are just a few of the facts that would be far more relevant to write about.

Nevertheless, Hawkins is excused for his “whiff,” and I look forward to his future offerings.

Bill Boutwell
Jacksonville, Fla.

‘Terrific commentary’ from Hawkins about Woods
Terrific commentary by John Hawkins about Tiger Woods and 10 years after the fire hydrant (“When Tiger’s life veered off course,” Nov. 26).

Bill Higgins
Centerville, Mass.

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