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Purkey’s right: Simpler rules would lead to fun, growth

Make golf easier and more enjoyable to help attract masses

A shout-out to Mike Purkey (“Want even simpler Rules of Golf? Try these fixes,” Nov. 25).

His comments and suggestions on the Rules of Golf not only are aimed at simplification but would help pace of play. They might even make the game more enjoyable for those with handicaps in the teens or higher.

Because the rules are the holy grail for traditionalists, Purkey's ideas will be blasphemous to those golfers. Making the game “easier” seems to be anathema to the rules mavens.

Growing the game will happen when it is less expensive and takes less time. A small step would be to make it more fun with easier-to-follow rules.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

A rule whose time had come
I’ve heard a lot of grumbling about the so-called unfairness of shortening the allotted time looking for a lost ball (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Nov. 26).

My view is that it is a good thing and, when adhered to, helps reduce out-of-position groups on the course.

Human nature being what it is, five minutes always seemed in reality to morph into six or seven minutes. (You’d think those golf balls were made out of gold.)

At least now those three minutes never is longer than four or five.

Rochelle Winston Davies
SaddleBrooke, Ariz.

Take Morning Read and its ‘garbage’ to the curb
John Hawkins’ story is garbage (“When Tiger’s life veered off course,” Nov. 26).

Why does Hawkins bring up stuff like this from 10 years ago? If it wasn’t illegal, etc., why waste time writing about it? It is garbage like this that will make me block Morning Read.

Although I won’t tell Hawkins what to do with his time, I will tell him that seeing this garbage on this site and what is sent to me is a complete waste of my time. I hope your editors take note.

Making some sort of comparison to a possible murderer and possible rapist is so wrong. Doesn’t Hawkins see that?

Was there something newsworthy in his story? Some breakthrough news? Something beneficial to those of us interested in golf? Something current? Not for me, and I would bet not for others.

It’s stale and should be removed from your site.

Pete Martin
Folsom, Calif.

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