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Van Sickle’s commentary could be a health hazard

Reader reaches boiling point with suggestion that Phil Mickelson should play in Presidents Cup

Reading Gary Van Sickle's piece on picking Phil Mickelson made my blood pressure escalate this morning (“Hey, Tiger: For Presidents Cup fill-in, why not put Phil in?” Nov. 12).

I, for one, have had enough of Mickelson, his blasting of his 2014 Ryder Cup captain in a press conference, hitting a rolling putt in the 2018 U.S. Open, etc. Mickelson’s time has passed, and it's time to let some new blood on these teams and fewer good ol’ boys’ club selection.

I enjoy reading Van Sickle’s stuff most of the time, but I notice every so often that he goes off the rails. That happens to us all as we age.

To all who suggest that CBS should take on Mickelson as an announcer, that would ensure my muting any telecast that he's on.

Garen Eggleston
The Villages, Fla.

Mickelson would make Presidents Cup appealing
Gary Van Sickle’s article was spot on (“Hey, Tiger: For Presidents Cup fill-in, why not put Phil in?” Nov. 12).

I would like a reason to watch the Presidents Cup, and I have no desire to see a Phil Mickelson-less one, especially one in which the two biggest egos in golf are on the American side.

"Captain America," my eye, and I wonder who would take the blame for a lost point if Patrick Reed and player-captain Tiger Woods were paired together.

No offense to the rest of the gentlemen in red, white, blue and yellow, but the air of excitement just left the balloon with those two picks.

I would love to see Mickelson, and would watch every minute. But maybe he is a bigger man than they are, and would say "thanks, but no thanks" to the afterthought offer.

Cindy Weaver
Florence, Ala.

Just win, Tiger
As Gary Van Sickle has written, there are more reasons not to select Phil Mickelson as a player in the Presidents Cup, but there are a few that Van Sickle did not mention that are worthy of consideration (“Hey, Tiger: For Presidents Cup fill-in, why not put Phil in?” Nov. 12):

1. Woods is hell bent on not losing and will take the best team possible. He will leave nothing to chance.

2. His co-captains are people with whom he is entirely comfortable, and they have vast experience in Ryder and Presidents cups.

3. If necessary, Woods will select another more deserving player, such as Kevin Na, who won last month in Las Vegas.

4. If for some reason the Americans lose, Woods does not want a repeat of Mickelson perhaps running his flapper on the dais about the captain and his losing process.

I know that Van Sickle wants buzz, but I want another victory. I don’t buy the theory that the Americans need to lose to make the event more meaningful.

John R. Cameron
Port Orange, Fla.
(Cameron is a PGA of America member and the secretary of the Daytona Beach Junior Golf Association.)

Flipping the switch for a new era
Golf under the lights. Love it or hate it (“Finish casts shadow over Turkish Airlines Open,” Nov. 10).

Traditionalists will grit their teeth. The younger crowd probably will embrace it. Grow the game.

Topgolf is doing all right with it as part of its formula.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

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