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If LPGA players routinely swap advice, that’s ‘sad’

Competitors should know rules, and they must 'protect the field'

At the LPGA Q-Series this past weekend, two players were assessed the general penalty for violating Rule 10.2a (“Advice and Other Help”). Kendall Dye flashed a hand signal to Dewi Weber’s caddie on a par 3 to confirm the club that Weber was hitting. Christina Kim called both players for the infraction.

Post round, Dye stated she didn’t know that her actions were an infraction of the rules and that it’s a common practice on tour. Moreover, she stated she could have looked in Weber’s bag and found out what club she was hitting.

Dye is correct on the second part of her statement. Looking in the bag is not an infraction, provided that the player doesn’t touch or move anything. But it’s mind-boggling that someone who plays professional golf doesn’t know that she can’t ask what club someone has hit before she hits. And if it’s a common practice on the LPGA to cheat in this way, that’s a sad statement.

I always defended callers bringing rules violations to the attention of officials for just this reason. Either due to ignorance or not wanting to call a violation on a fellow player, the field was not protected. Kudos to Kim for showing the fortitude to protect the field.

Bill Tignanelli
Perry Hall, Md.
(Tignanelli is a former assistant coach for the Towson University women’s team and works as a rules official for the Maryland State Golf Association and the Middle Atlantic Golf Association.)

The ‘amazing’ Tiger Woods
What's most interesting in this argument about Tiger Woods’ chances of catching Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 major championships is the fact that we're even talking about it at all (“Gray area: Woods, Snead and 82*,” Nov. 3).

Woods wasn't even sure that he could play competitive golf again after his last back surgery. Now, less than two years from his returning to the PGA Tour in January 2018, he has won an incredible three times, including the Masters. That's pretty amazing.

Layne Yawn
Jonesboro, Ark.

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