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Hey, CBS: McCord, Kostis are not the problem

CBS should change its playbook, not its roster

I read Mike Purkey’s article with great interest (“How old is too old to talk about golf on TV?” Oct. 27). I appreciate hearing the announcers’ knowledgeable insights into the game delivered in an entertaining manner.

While I understand CBS’ desire to change things up, the network might consider altering the way it covers the game. There’s too much switching between putting greens and tee shots, and not enough following the individual golfers.

When attending a tournament, fans tend to follow a group and then move on to follow another group. TV now has the ability to replicate the fan experience in its coverage of the game. Perhaps that’s the direction that it should head.

Mitchell Sklare

Fresh insight on CBS and being ‘stale’
Gary McCord and Peter Kostis, “stale”? I think not. They’re the two who add the most life (McCord) and interesting analysis and information (Kostis) to CBS golf broadcasts (“How old is too old to talk about golf on TV?” Oct. 27).

If you really want to identify “stale,” look no further than the tower at 18. Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo (yawn) suck the life out of the telecast from the opening music theme.

The comment in Mike Purkey’s article that is right on the mark is that CBS needs to lasso Phil Mickelson. He would liven up CBS golf broadcasts like never before.

Skip Everett
Edmond, Okla.

Serving humble pie to Woods’ naysayers
I wonder whether someone will be hosting a party for all of the Tiger Woods naysayers ("He should retire"; "Why doesn't he just stop all this embarrassing failure?" etc., etc.)?

The main course should be four-and-twenty blackbirds (aka, crows) baked in a pie.

Shirley Stuart
Berkeley, Calif.

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