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Miceli captures real buzz about Every

'One Take' video reveals essence of suspended PGA Tour player's challenges

Thank you, Alex Miceli, for “One Take” and the comments about Matt Every, his mental health, getting help and medical marijuana (“One Take, episode 25: Matt Every ‘deserves better’ from PGA Tour,” Oct. 21).

I also loved Miceli’s comment about Brooks Koepka and having a crush on him. Very funny.

Regarding Miceli’s viewpoint about Tiger Woods: He should be a captain in the Presidents Cup, and do that well. He just might learn something different about himself and the game from a different perspective. You can’t serve two masters.

Kathy Wentworth
Portland, Ore.

Golf’s kindred spirits: Rodeo, synchronized swimming?
The Asia Swing is yet another great article by Gary Van Sickle (“PGA Tour looks east for riches of Asia Swing,” Oct. 21).

Players play for cash, and I get that. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan is in a tough spot and can’t portray golf as anything but a global sport. They just need to be careful what they ask for.

Golf could go the same way as the rodeo or synchronized swimming did on TV.

Ah, but for the likes of the late broadcaster Jim McKay. As Archie Bunker said, “Those were the days.”

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Fla.

A way of life, indeed
Kudos to reader Blaine Walker (and Mrs. Walker) for playing golf with his son when he was asked (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 21).

Our son is now a golf junkie, and my husband has taken the game up (seriously) now, too, so Sundays are family golfing day.

As we know, golf has a way of bringing out interesting sides of our personalities. Typically an easygoing kid, my son wasn’t playing his best one day and was getting very frustrated at a somewhat challenging course. He mis-hit his 3-wood and proceeded to helicopter it down the fairway. I was on the other side of the fairway and saw what he did. I was somewhat shocked because I never had witnessed him lose his cool in such a manner. I got in the cart, drove to his 3-wood, picked it up and put it his golf bag. Then I drove back to him and quietly said, “Get in the cart. We’re finished with this round. I don’t play with people who throw their clubs.”

Needless to say, he’s never thrown another club, and he tells his buds the same thing.

So, I agree: Golf is way of life.

Maria D. Mark
Atlantic Beach, Fla.

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