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‘Renegade ball’ cuts courses down to size for pros

Touring pros need reduced-flight ball, but rest of us should let it fly

We are noticing an avalanche of touring professionals shoot 59 compared to 15 years ago. Most golf courses that are played on the major pro tours are way too easy because of the renegade ball. In most other sports, the same ball has been in play.

Let recreational golfers continue to use the current ball. Let's see what PGA Tour players would do with a new tour-regulation ball.

What could the golf stars of today do if they played the same ball as Jack Nicklaus played?

Glenn Monday
Tucson, Ariz.
(Monday is the head golf professional at Dorado Golf Course in Tucson.)

In search of a political safe haven
Reader Blaine Walker’s letter were very cleverly written, but I was sorry to read its contents (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 15).

Is there no safe haven in our society from the political angst and negative commentary we are experiencing in the country?

My goodness, folks. It’s golf. Of all the professional sports in America, none is less controversial than golf. Based on my observation, the PGA, Korn Ferry, LPGA and myriad other lesser tours are all represented by men and women who possess a strong work ethic, strong character traits, and a boatload of talent who are just trying to make a living. Politicians, they are not.

Let’s just continue to enjoy watching the best players in the world wow us with their immense skills and leave politics out of the discussion.

Bill Boutwell
Jacksonville, Fla.

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