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Split decision on the state of the game

Lighten up, O’Neill, and enjoy the golf

After reading Dan O’Neill’s article Monday, one would think that professional golf was in a death spiral (“Ah, those were the days,” Oct. 13).

First, the wraparound season on the PGA Tour isn’t new and has been with us for a while, and it seems to be working just fine. Yes, some of the first events do lack the majority of the top-ranked players, but they give fans an opportunity to watch the incredible pool of new, young talent that now populates the Tour, more than you could shake a 1-iron at.

Secondly, the same can be said for the LPGA. Namely, the status of the women’s tour seems to be at an all-time high. I know more of my golfing group, all men, are watching the high quality of play on the distaff side. What beautiful swings. If only we could adopt their wonderful rhythm and tempo. In addition, they offer a great variety of personalities for us to enjoy.

Finally, the Champions Tour. I’m not sure how many senior events O’Neill has had the opportunity to attend, but the quality of play on the Champions Tour is outstanding. Those guys, including Doug Barron, can execute more different types of shots than the average player, O’Neill included, ever has thought about. The competitors on the Champions Tour are far from has-beens.

So, Dan, things really aren’t so bad, and the golfing sky isn’t falling. I trust you got up on the right side of the bed this morning and are feeling better.

Bill Boutwell
Jacksonville, Fla.

Keep it up, O’Neill, et al.
Dan O'Neill's article rocked (“Ah, those were the days,” Oct. 13). A blend of fact, humor, irreverence and cynicism.

And in my opinion, a timely commentary on some of the happenings in today's sports world.

Morning Read, keep publishing the good stuff from O'Neill, Mike Purkey, John Hawkins, et al.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

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