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Applause for new look, same attitude

Bad behavior on any tour requires 'sensible reactions'

Congratulations to all of you at Morning Read for an excellent new look at What isn't new is the number of opinions on current golf topics, the punishment of Bio Kim being one of them (“From the inbox”). Young Bio Kim's reaction to what happened on the course was over the top; so, too, however, was the Korean Tour's reaction.

I don't believe that anyone wants Kim's behavior encouraged in any way, but a three-year ban? Even if the Korean Tour managers wanted to send a strong message, this was using a hammer to crack a nut. A 3-6-month ban with a warning that any further breach of etiquette would be grounds for a three-year ban probably would have been enough to get the message across to Kim and the rest of the tour players.

I'm sure that I heard some profanity from one of the players at Las Vegas during the past weekend, so this behavior is not limited to any one tour. Let's have sensible reactions to all bad behavior.

Paul Sunderland
Los Angeles

What about a quick peek at the turn?
I enjoyed reading the contributors’ bios, with some self-deprecating individuals who wrote about themselves.

More content is great, but I might have to read it all after golf rather than before the early tee time.
Keep up the good work.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

Well, now that you mention it …
Nice debut for Morning Read, one of my favorite publications. The graphics seem clear, and navigating the website will take some getting used to, but overall, it’s a positive change.

Only one item, in my opinion, needs to be altered: fewer visual images of Alex Miceli. Do we really need to be reminded what he looks like?

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.

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