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Feathers fly as readers point fingers after 'bird' caper

Korean Tour gets it right in disciplining Kim

In a day when established values and norms continue to fall, I applaud the Korean Tour for its judgment in suspending Bio Kim for three years (“In the news,” Oct. 2; “Koreans go cuckoo at Kim’s wild bird,” Oct. 3).

His behavior is not inherent to golf, which prides itself on decorum and comportment. As a professional golfer, Kim must know that his actions and behavior represent the game to all the world, and his gesture succeeded in giving the game a black eye. For Morning Read’s John Hawkins to compare this incident to the actions of a pro football player is not a valid argument. For centuries, there never has been any comparison in terms of behavior between golf and football.

Nice try, but it is clear that Hawkins needs to re-evaluate his thinking about the position that these players hold in our game and the responsibility that comes with it. For years, Kim has played professional golf, and I am sure since his days as a junior golfer that he has been taught that actions like this are totally unacceptable or inherent to the game.

The Korean Tour has upheld its responsibility to the traditional values of our game in sending a message to all golfers (especially easily impressionable junior golfers) that this behavior is unacceptable and a severe price will be paid for an infraction of this nature.

John R. Cameron
Port Orange, Fla.
(Cameron is a PGA of America member and the secretary of the Daytona Beach Junior Golf Association.)

A better punishment for Kim
This one is too easy: a donation of a small fine and a week of “community service” to a charity, maybe the same one associated with that tournament where the incident occurred, would be appropriate for Bio Kim (“In the news,” Oct. 2; “Koreans go cuckoo at Kim’s wild bird,” Oct. 3).

At least he won that tournament.

Al Fiscus
Searcy, Ark.

Bird flies in America, too
Emiliano Grillo reacted similarly as Bio Kim when Grillo missed a putt on Aug. 9 during the second round of the Northern Trust at Liberty National (“In the news,” Oct. 2; “Koreans go cuckoo at Kim’s wild bird,” Oct. 3).

The PGA Tour doesn't publicize fines or suspensions, but Grillo's wallet likely got a little thinner. He wasn't suspended from the Tour for any length of time because this week's event is the third tournament he has played in the new season.

Layne Yawn
Jonesboro, Ark.

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