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Don’t alter Solheim Cup, despite what Miceli says

From the Morning Read Inbox readers respond to recent articles surrounding the Solheim Cup from Mike Purkey and Alex Miceli

Don’t alter Solheim Cup, despite what Miceli says
Bad idea, Alex Miceli. The Solheim Cup was set up to be like the Ryder Cup, and it should stay that way (“One Take,” Sept. 10).

Who cares about the world rankings, other than the press? I want to see the USA's best compete with GB&I's best. It's every bit as exciting, regardless of rankings. Look at the Walker Cup that just finished.

The LPGA is only so inclusive because of the money. Cut the amount of money down to what other foreign tours pay and see what the mix would be. Everyone would stay home, as it would be a lot more comfortable and just as financially sound. Look at the European Tour and the PGA Tour.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

It’s time for Europe/North America vs. World
It is so obvious that the Solheim Cup should match Europe and North America’s women (so Brooke Henderson could play, too) against the world (“Also-rans mar Solheim Cup as irrelevant,” Sept. 10). That would at least be somewhat interesting on Friday, before the World team would dominate.

South Korea would be fine on its own. Times have changed, and it’s overdue.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

Purkey’s opinion, not Solheim Cup, is ‘irrelevant’
Mike Purkey downplayed the strength of the two competing teams in the Solheim Cup (“Also-rans mar Solheim Cup as irrelevant,” Sept. 10). He must subscribe to some theory that only the top-ranked players in the world may participate in any competition.

There are times – and we are experiencing one of those times – when the best players are from lands other than the U.S. and Europe and not eligible for this event. I cannot argue that either team is at its strongest, but I was not aware that only the best should be entitled to play. The two captains have chosen what they think is best for their teams, and Purkey is not one of those captains.

The Solheim Cup was designed after the Ryder Cup. It never will be the Ryder Cup. These women who will play still will experience the same anxiety, stress and joys of representing their countries in competition. Purkey might refer to them as “also-rans” and lob insulting comments their way, but women’s golf has moved forward by leaps and bounds during the past few decades, and it continues to do so. If Purkey has not seen that growth in his 30 years of writing, maybe he should turn in his pen.

It saddens me to see something so vile. Purkey might write about golf, but he certainly doesn’t understand the game.

Daniel P. Harsch

To be the best, U.S. women must beat the best
Mike Purkey and Alex Miceli talk about the Solheim Cup in Tuesday’s Morning Read (“Also-rans mar Solheim Cup as irrelevant,” Sept. 10); (“One Take,” Sept. 10). I have been having an ongoing conversation for years about how that the best female golfers are not in this event. When you do not include the Asian women, it lacks true firepower.

The LPGA needs to stop trying to emulate the men’s game and come up with an event that includes the world’s best women. One suggestion is that instead of U.S. vs. Europe, how about North America, Europe and Asia. Maybe Asia might be the favorite, but think of the drama if either North America or Europe would beat Asia. They now would have beaten the best.

Jim Tulloch
Paramus, N.J.

‘Illogical decision’ keeps Walker Cup in dark
I can only agree with all who are writing to Morning Read on the total lack of foresight from golf’s governing bodies with regard to lack of TV coverage for last weekend’s Walker Cup, then allowing the highlights to be shown in the middle of the night (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Sept. 10).

Perhaps it’s they who should receive a “mulligan.” Maybe they would in hindsight have changed that illogical decision not to go live.

All their statements turn out to be muddled.

The Walker Cup has the potential to showcase the next generation of stars.

Michael Lovett
Wadebridge, England

There’s more golf to televise than major pro tours
Alex Miceli is correct. It was a big mistake for the Walker Cup not to be on live TV (“Dark days for Walker Cup and TV,” Sept. 9).

I went to the tournament on Sunday. The R&A missed an opportunity here to make this event free. It’s the kids who are the ones who will take our place. Golf courses are closing all over the country. You can’t get the youngsters to join anymore.

At my home club 15 years ago, we had 30-40 juniors but now we don’t have a junior section.

Come on, R&A. Get the Walker Cup on TV. Golf is not just about the big boys on tour.

Brendan Boswell
Wigan, England

Still ‘The King’
When Arnold Palmer came on the scene, he made every golfer realize that no matter how far down you are, you can muster up enough courage, self-determination and confidence to alter the outcome in your favor (“Keeping score,” Sept. 10).

When he'd swing a club, great things would happen; you never knew exactly when, but you knew that they eventually would. And they did, over and over. This swing, this man, held up under pressure. He had more clubhead speed than most men dream of. His swing looked as if it would take him for a ride, but somehow he kept his head still and finished in balance, fighting all the way.

"The best compliment that you could give me is to tell me that you believe that my golf swing has been effective for 35 to 40 years," Palmer said.

Glenn Monday
Tucson, Ariz.
(Monday is the head professional at Dorado Golf Course in Tucson and author of “Know Your Swing.”)

Face it, PGA Tour: ‘Werewolves’ need to shave
I would love to see a PGA Tour players’ grooming policy implemented, one which restricts unkempt facial hair, oversized/thick beards, untrimmed beards and hair covering almost the entire face.

If the Tour wants to sell the sport and make it more appealing to everyone, including children, then clean up the players’ faces so that you can actually see their faces and identify with them.

Watching werewolves play professional golf is not appealing. How about having clean-cut, shaven faces in the pre- and post-game interviews, also. This is not hockey.

LuAnne Frus

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