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FedEx Cup playoffs fail to deliver; Tour needs to identify slow-play offenders

From the Morning Read Inbox readers respond to recent articles surrounding FedEx Cup playoffs and pace of play

FedEx Cup playoffs fail to deliver
I won’t watch the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup playoffs (“Tour does a number on new playoff math, Aug. 8; “Hawk & Rude,” Aug. 9).

Besides the fact that watching golf on TV is becoming unbearable due to the excessive commercial breaks, interviews, swing-analysis segments and the fact that we seldom see any shots besides putting, the format is a joke.

The only person who knows the scoring system is some mathematician.

Something isn’t right when a player can win two of the three weeks and still lose to another player who finishes in the top 10 in the final week.

I’d like to see the Tour use match play on the final weekend. Take the top 32 finishers from Week 2 and let them go at it. There would be no question about who the top four finishers are, and no question about how the winner won.

We could watch every shot from the final two pairings, and the advertisers would have plenty of time to show their glut of ads. Viewers win. Advertisers win.

Bruce Allen
Forest Ranch, Calif.

Cumulative scoring would add to a net gain
The FedEx Cup is supposed to reward players for consistency throughout the year (“Tour does a number on new playoff math, Aug. 8; “Hawk & Rude,” Aug. 9).

Starting with 125 seems like a decent reward for the top 125, if playing in the FedEx Cup events is intended to be a true championship event. Make scoring for the three tournaments cumulative. Players’ final scores from the Northern Trust would carry into the next event for the 70 who remain. Same again for the final 30 at the Tour Championship.

All 125 would have the opportunity to win the FedEx Cup. They’ve just got to play golf. It’s the same as playoffs in every other sport.

John Kellard
Middleton, Mass.

Tour needs to identify slow-play offenders
If the PGA Tour is serious about ending slow play, it must name names.

Frank Mauz

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