From The Editor

Share your golf experiences during our crisis

Dear Morning Read subscriber,

How are you coping as a golfer during the coronavirus pandemic? Morning Read would like to share your stories during these unprecedented times.

Golfers tend to distinguish themselves as a resilient group, with many of us eager to play in practically any conditions, and in all seasons. But this? This is different. Health officials have urged “social distancing,” and local, state and federal governments have restricted our movements and our commerce. Sadly, many of our fellow citizens have died, and all of us are certain to be adversely affected before America and the world can solve this problem.

My intent is not to trivialize an international health crisis by looking at it through the lens of something so seemingly insignificant as golf. But our game, which is contested across a vast playing field, might hold a social and economic edge during this pandemic. In recent days, Morning Read has shared with you some accounts of how our correspondents have been dealing with the new world order. Alex Miceli, our co-founder and publisher, wrote and talked about the developments; Mike Purkey shared his experience in that first weekend without professional golf; Ted Bishop detailed some of his challenges as a course owner/operator; and Brad Klein took readers along with his four-ball for what he called “touchless golf” in the coronavirus era.

What, if anything, are you doing differently as a golfer? Have you changed your habits before, during and/or after a round? Or have you taken the directive to “self-isolate” so seriously that you won’t go anywhere near golfers and golf courses? Has that decision been made for you, via the forced closing of your course? If you own or operate a golf course, or work at one, how has life changed for you? Any operational tips worth sharing?

Since Morning Read debuted in January 2017, the newsletter has distinguished itself through the insight and expertise of a network of some of the game’s most accomplished writers. We also have served as a conduit for your opinions to be distributed across a community with one strong common bond: golf. Now, perhaps more than ever, that bond is being tested. So, how are you handling it?

As always, I welcome hearing from you. Please provide your full name, city of residence and, if applicable, your position in the golf industry.

Thank you for the privilege of your readership, and I join you in working for better times ahead.

Steve Harmon
Morning Read