Why your golf game needs GolfForever

July 21, 2020 03:39 PM

If you're reading this, you are likely an avid golfer who cares about improving your game. It's likely that you've been playing for many years or possibly most of your life. And as a passionate golfer, you understand the basics of golf—you know the fundamentals of the setup position, the dynamics of the swing, and the demands of playing well over the course of an entire round.

But the challenge that occurs with a lot of recreational athletes is that, although you know what your body should be doing in theory, many people lack the physical ability to pull it off effectively.

Especially for those of us working desk jobs or spending a lot of time hunched over looking at our phones, we go through years of postural adaptations that lead to a loss of mobility. Even if you feel that you maintain good posture throughout the day, the repetitive nature of golf alone can wear on your body over time and bad habits can begin to set in.

We all know what it's like to struggle with the game. And we all know what it's like to be fatigued toward the end of a round, which can result in lazy swings, poor form, and poor-er scores. And that's why GOLFFOREVER's golf fitness program is so essential for those of us who are continuously looking to improve and maintain a fitness level that will allow for a lifetime of enjoying the game.

Our program places a heavy emphasis on mobility, which is crucial for being able to get into the dynamic positions that the golf swing requires. In addition, our simple golf exercises work to increase your core strength to help maintain your overall alignment. We teach you how to develop strong hips so that you can transfer maximum force and weight shift safely and effectively to generate even more rotational power.

Golfforever's justin leonard


Exercises are important—and many people think they know the basic exercises and stretches to get by—but they have to be coached properly. It is integral to connect WHY you do something into HOW it translates into the movement pattern of golf.

With GOLFFOREVER, we will guide you through the journey of discovering exercises that are designed to work for your body. After your self-assessment, you will be provided with a curated set of golf exercises that are specific to the areas of fitness that matter most for your game. Importantly, as you work through the program, you will develop a complete understanding of WHY these movements and routines are healthy for your body and HOW they correlate directly to an improved golf game.

Try GOLFFOREVER risk-free with our FREE TRIAL to experience all that our program has to offer. There's absolutely nothing to lose—you may cancel at any time!

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