What is 'Golf Fitness' and how does it make me a better golfer?

June 23, 2020 01:00 PM

The golf swing is a unique movement. It requires the coordination of twisting patterns from the ground up. Your hips, shoulders, and spine are all twisting in unique ways while your lower body is simultaneously shifting weight to help generate even more power.

An effective exercise program for golf needs to be built on principles which create strength, mobility, balance, and muscle-firing patterns to repetitively produce these twisting and weight-shifting movements. As a result, the GOLFFOREVER program differs from other sports—even other twisting sports, like baseball or tennis—because of the unique demands of the golf swing.

By following the techniques, exercises, and ideas outlined in our full program, you’ll find that GOLFFOREVER offers the best golf workouts for building a stronger, more flexible, and more mobile body.

Key Takeaways:

  • The golf swing requires the ability to create twisting patterns from the ground up.
  • An effective golf exercise needs to:
  • Create the strength, mobility, and balance
  • Promote muscle-firing patterns to repetitively produce twisting and weight-shifting movements.
  • The GOLFOREVER program is different from other twisting sports such as baseball or tennis.

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