Pre-Round Hip Stretch

August 18, 2020 07:06 AM

We’ve all heard other golfers (or even ourselves) say, “It’ll take me a couple holes to get loose.” But why sacrifice the start of your round when you can get your body ready to make powerful swings while you’re waiting on the opening tee?

You need flexible hips to achieve full range of motion in your golf swing. This is especially important during those first few swings of the day. This simple hip stretch takes only a few seconds, and it will dramatically improve your ability to open up your hips from your first swing through the rest of your round. Combine this stretch with other simple exercises and you’ll have a noticeable edge over your foursome every time you tee it up!

Key Takeaways:

  • You need flexible hips to achieve full range of motion with your swing.
  • This quick stretch will help open up the hips right before you tee off.
  • You can do this right on the tee box.
  • Commit to a daily mobility routine to make permanent improvements in hip flexibility.

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